Andrew Sanchez

/ændruː 'santʃeθ/


I specialize in production-quality, open source research software with expertise in Python, Linux, DevOps, high-performance computing, and data pipelines. I am also interested in functional programming, AI, machine learning, Effective Altruism, NLP, and computational musicology.



Professional Experience

Pathogen and Microbiome Institute Research Software Engineer
2020-01-01 to present
I am on the core developer team in the Caporaso Lab at the Center for Applied Microbiome Science where I work on QIIME 2, the next-generation microbiome bioinformatics platform written in Python. In addition to contributing to the design, development, documentation, and distribution of a cross-platform, multi-runtime, plugin-based framework, I have co-taught international QIIME 2 workshops and provided technical support to microbiome researchers of all levels on the official QIIME 2 forum. I also led the 2021.2 release of QIIME 2 which included contributing to a sophisticated DevOps pipeline.

Hilton Software Engineer/DevOps Engineer
2019-06-01 to 2020-01-01
Developed containerized Python microservices for a complex data pipeline deployed on EKS. Utilized REST APIs and Kafka to implement a central architecture for the flow and access of data. Helped modernize Hilton's DevOps practices with both technology choices and cultural transformation. Helped design and implement a large CI/CD, PaC, IaC initiative used by all of Hilton's engineers.

Pathogen and Microbiome Institute Research Software Engineer
2016-01-01 to 2019-06-01
Worked with scientists at NAU to develop bioinformatics software for genomics research. Wrote reproducible data pipelines and deployed them to an onsite high-performance cluster for parallel processing of enormous amounts of public genomic data. Automated the curation of species-based statistics and metadata.

Center for Ecosystem Science and Society Research Software Developer
2014-01-01 to 2016-01-01
Developed image processing software in a Java style DSL for climate science research. Empowered researchers to study how native grasses respond to different climates.

Fluent Forever Technical Operations Admin
2018-01-01 to 2019-06-2019
Automated many business operations for the most crowdfunded app in Kickstarter and Indiegogo history. Developed Python services for processing and analyzing data from REST APIs of major platforms such as Zendesk, Active Campaign, and Google products to support business operations.


Reproducibly sampling SARS-CoV-2 genomes across time, geography, and viral diversity
F1000 Research 2020-06-29

Bacterial Genome Reduction as a Result of Short Read Sequence Assembly
bioRxiv 2016-12-03

Quality Control and Curation of Public Genomic Databases
NAU's Research And Design Symposium 2017-04-28


Languages Python, BASH, Lisp, R, Java, Rust
Tools Git, Linux, Docker, Kafka, Django, pandas, Pytest, Flask, Kubernetes, SLURM, Anaconda,
DevOps Ansible, AWS, Automated Testing, CI/CD, Containerization/Orchestration, Pipeline as Code, Infrastructure as Code, GitHub Actions
Science High Performance Computing, Reproducibility, Teaching


Northern Arizona University Music and Biology
74 Credits
Biology, bioinformatics, genetics, music theory, composition, and performance.


English Native speaker
Dutch Intermediate

Community Service

Grand Canyon Guitar Society Volunteer
Organizing for non-profit that hosts concerts for world renowned classical guitarists.

The Carpentries Volunteer Data Science and Coding Instructor
Intensive workshops to teach foundational coding and data science skills to researchers.

AFS Intercultural Programs Volunteer
Technical operations and support for foreign exchange students and families.

The Flagstaff Foundry Volunteer
Front of house management for a monthly variety show and performance art non-profit.